Manufacturer:Briley MFG
The Game is About to Change
Introducing the extraordinary iPull target release and control, for Sporting Clays.

Why a target management system?
Like any business, gun clubs require a profit to survive. Even volunteer clubs, although not fully motivated by profit, certainly are interested in keeping costs down so members can shoot at a lower price. Clubs that have installed target management systems frequently report a minimum of 40% target revenue increases; the fact is that it is almost never less than 40%, no matter how unpopular to admit.

The iPull, part of the ETMSystems Electronic Target Management from Briley, is the first major development in shooting to help bring these costs under control.

The new iPull from Briley is a true game changer.
A “win-win” wireless electronic release controller for both shooters and club operations. The iPull has voice release capability enabling solo shooters on the course, in addition to manual push button ability. For club operations, the iPull system features simplicity of design, resulting in lower equipment maintenance and cost, shot report recognition for revenue saving inventory control and reduced course set up and operational expenditures. At a very affordable price– purchase, or lease. 

iPull advantages for your club:
  • No more “target poaching”. Shooters only use targets they paid for. Gunshot counting practically eliminates the “I got broken birds” conflicts with clients. Accurate target count helps inventory management.
  • RFID tags are encrypted only for your club and will not operate on another club’s systems.
  • Personnel reduction, simply by calling “pull”, even single shooters can shoot without a human puller, foot switches or delays.
  • All inclusive: wireless and RFID systems are integrated in each unit reducing cost and increasing reliability.
  • Wireless – saves money on cables and setup time.
iPull key features:
  • iPull is simple to operate. The shooter momentarily holds the RFID tag next to iPull, puts the tag back in his/her pocket and calls “pull” or manual conrol to activate each step in the shooting sequence.
  • iPull responds only to manual push button or voice. Gunshots and other loud noises do not release targets.
  • iPull determines the number of targets used by detecting and counting the gunshots of the shooter.
  • iPull is wireless. No need to deploy long and expensive wires. No need to purchase separate wireless systems.
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Click to download the following PDFs:
iPull Manager User Manual V4.2
iPull Manager Setup Manual V4.2
iPull Lite Manager User Manual V4.2
RSU-DC_V2 Manual (Wiring Promatic for power supply from trap A)
RSU Promatic Adaptor Instructions
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