Briley's High Tech Voice Release Pickle

Price: $350.00
Everyone would like their pulls to be the best.

Unfortunately, every shooter cannot expect a referee to sit in the sun all day giving these perfect pulls. It is simply impossible! Although there are many proficient referees, they are becoming less available all the time, and tournament promoters are having a harder time finding experienced referees to fill spots at shoots. The cost of an experienced referee is high, but still not enough for what is expected. The beauty of this is that it does not replace referees, but is a tool to assist with their jobs as well as helps to take the stress out of their jobs generating consistant pulls for all.

Easy to use
Consistent pulls, EVERY TIME
Assists referees

The wand being used at the World Championships:

 Click to watch the wand being used.

 Rotary Switch Operation and Properties Setting R15

Show LED light indicates when the wand is enabled.

PROGRAMMING can be done two ways, with the rotary switch under the screw cap inside the yellow enclosure or top side by pressing the buttons in a certain sequence.

0 = manual mode. No microphone required-no voice release.
1 = 170 ms delay voice mode (Recommended setting).
2 = 150 ms delay voice mode [ just a tiny quicker release].
……For some older machines requiring a longer signal pulse-use the below setting.
3 = manual press mode; no microphone required-no voice release.
4 = 170 ms delay voice mode.
5 = 150 ms delay voice mode.
9 = pushbutton select mode..on this setting you enable top side programming.

Factory default setting:
Select #9 on rotary switch inside the enclosure.
This setting is preferable for those who change from manual release (no voice release) to voice release frequently. This mode is easy and quick, see below;
A: Press top two buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds, manual mode (no voice release).
B: Press left and bottom buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds, 170 ms delay voice mode (Recommended setting) factory default.
C: Press right and bottom buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds, 150 ms delay voice mode.

ALERT...ALERT...ALERT……It is possible that a puller or referee can inadvertently reset the wand to manual operation. This usually happens when he puts the wand under his arm to hold it while he adds up scores or drinks water.. It seldom happens but it is possible..

Enabling Voice Release
It is recommended that the puller press the button (arming the voice release) after the shooter closes his gun and mounts it. The voice release requires 3/10 of a second to arm itself after the button has been pressed. For people who call “ pull, pull” very quickly, typically on station one, the puller must enable the low house button when he hears the shooter shot the high house. Otherwise, the bird will not release because the low house has not had the 1/10 of a second required to arm the voice release.

NOTE: Voice Release / Manual Release Option
While on voice release mode, anytime you want to pull a target manually this can be done by simply pressing the same button the second time. Also it should be noted that the pull cord buttons no longer need to be pressed with a great deal of urgency, jamming them hard and fast to provide timely pulls. Now, one can gently press the buttons and let the voice release go to work. A gentle press will provide a much longer life time of your micro switch buttons and rubber covers.

Placement of Microphone
For consistent release the microphone must be located in the appropriate location. The closer to the shooter call the better. Right over the shoulder, is the easiest and best location. Also it can be placed 4 inches under the stock and 6 inches inside the stock pad, or further. These locations are locations non-intrusive to the shooter and will never be noticed by the shooter. Do this every time and you will get consistent releases. ANY variation in placement will result in inconsistent releases; the microphone will not hear the shooter’s call!

Water and electronics are not friends. The High-Tech Pickle has been sealed and is water resistant, not water proof. If you need to open pickle face be sure not to over tighten the screws so the rubber seal works as designed. If components inside get wet, it will stop working (first signs are occasional no birds than it simply will stop working). To get it back working it must be dried out either naturally or with a hair dryer. In intense rain, special care should be exercised to avoid moisture issues, keep it dry the best way you can, avoid dropping pickle in puddles on water and bring in pickles at night time.

A hard wind can emulate almost any electric signature on voice release devices as gusts come and go. To eliminate faulty releases in gusting winds, foam wind card is used.

Referee Training The wand is a joint venture between technology and the puller. Without the referee desire to make the wand work, results will be disappointing. It is essential that you have great communication with your referees and that you instruct them on how to use it and that they actually pull several rounds of practice for somebody before they are expected to perform in tournament shooting. They must be instructed on where to stand and how to work with a relaxed posture so the relationship with the wands works for them and not against them. They must be instructed that if anything unusual happens they are to override the effects and call a “no bird”. The referee is the final say so, not the wand. If they develop a comfortable relationship with the wand they will find that all the tension and pressure of having to be perfect every time is a thing of the past as they permit the electronics to do what it does best and that is to give the same consistent release time after time.

Read this first before using!
Voice Release Pickles are power by 12 DC volts . Do not plug in this pull cord to higher voltage traps; AC or DC without a converter box (available at Briley for an additional $150.00). Failure to do so will damage the system.

Almost all skeet traps are powered by 120 AC volts. That does not mean that they have release system that are AC powered. For safety reasons DC voltage in used to release the target and that is what will run through your pull cord wires. However there are many that still release with AC voltage.

DC Voltage release machines are:
La Port
Beomate… ATA Traps ( not skeet traps)
Briley Coin Boxes
AC Voltage release machines are:
Beomate ( SKEET TRAPS)
Super Star
Pat Trap

Commonly Beomat uses AC release in Skeet traps and DC release in ATA traps, However about five percent of the time the skeet traps are ordered with DC release.

White wire on pull cord will be common.

Download the full manual HERE

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