5-Stand Smart Box

Price: $1,500.00

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Connect your 5 Stand Machines to a coin box. 

  • Eight relay capacity (One box can operate up to eight traps 
  • Set the token value 1-99 Targets per token. 
  • The first token can be set for a different value than the following tokens. 
  • The system can be bypassed for tournaments and used as a counter. 
  • Available in 12 volt or 110 AC release systems. 
  • Is voice release compatible 
  • Economically Efficient
    • Revenue will increase 20%-40%
    • Up to 15% of tokens will never get used due to people losing or misplacing them.
    • Total Inventory Control  
  • Coin Specifications 
    • 4 different coin sizes (1.073", 1.125",1.108", 1.250"
    • Coins have laser marked initials so we can control migration and for internal control.
    • Coin receivers can be changed
    • Coins are only $.50 - $.55 each 

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